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Honoring Significant Local Women in Chicago’s Parks

In 2004, when the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners asked park historian Julia Bachrach to count the number of parks named in honor of women, she was disappointed with the findings. She discovered that only 22 of approximately 500 parks with official names honored women, and of those, several had been named for developers wives or girls who had died from tragic circumstances. The Board asked Julia to spearhead a project to name parks for significant Chicago women. Since that time, the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners has named over 45 additional parks for noteworthy local women. These newly named parks honor women who made contributions as social reformers, artists, lawyers, doctors, scientists, legislators, and philanthropists. In this presentation, Julia will share fascinating stories about Chicago’s influential women and the process of naming parks in their honor.

This event is sponsored by Park Rogers Park West Ridge Historical Society and will be held at Indian Boundary Park. It is free to the public, but RSVP is required. More information is available at

(Photograph: Dr. Margaret Burroughs)