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Art for Chicago’s Neighborhood Parks

In conjunction with the Associates of the Art Institute’s theme “Inspired by the Past,” Julia Bachrach will present to the Southland Community Associations. This presentation explores Chicago’s collection of murals and paintings in park field houses during the Progressive Era.  The artworks were meant to inspire and educate the immigrant residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. Tradition themes in American history were often the focus. Artworks include John Warner Norton’s Historical Series Mural in Hamilton Park, James G. Gilbert’s Proscenium Arch Mural in Pulaski Park, and series of murals representing various scenes and periods in history in Sherman Park, and James E. McBurney’s Early Settlement Series in Palmer Park.

Image: John Warner Norton’s students at the School of the Art Institute painted a series of murals in the Sherman Park Field House in 1912, photo courtesy of James Iska, 2012.